Different Types of Internal Medicine for Pets

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Internal medicine involves the prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of diseases that can affect many different systems in your pet’s body.

Regular wellness care can often prevent many diseases that our pets’ are susceptible to contracting. Even with the best care, some diseases cannot be prevented and can become painful or life-threatening if not correctly diagnosed and treated.

Diagnosis can be difficult for veterinarians; our pets cannot tell us where they hurt or what feels wrong. This is where the best possible equipment and the highly trained experts at Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital are able to offer you the best medical care for your pet.

Although veterinary internal medicine is complex, we can often treat and manage even the most difficult cases. Careful treatment and/or management can give your pet many years of happy, healthy life even in the face of serious diagnosis.

The veterinarians at Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital are experienced, skilled professionals in the treatment of these systems and diseases in your pet:

  • Heart and vascular system
  • Respiratory tract conditions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
  • Glandular and hormonal issues
  • Digestive difficulties
  • Conditions affecting the blood
  • Infectious diseases
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments 
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Pain management

The staff and veterinarians at Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital understand that a serious diagnosis can be frightening and overwhelming. We will make sure that you understand the diagnosis and necessary treatment for your pet. Our staff will work with you to determine a treatment program that you and your pet can live with, to return your pet to good health.

“ Outstanding in customer service from the time you walk in the front door! ”

“ We want to thank Dr. Clark and the staff of the Simpsonville office so much. ”

“ They have been there for me and my fur babies for well over 10 years and I wouldn’t trust anybody else. I LOVE the staff and all the heartfelt love they have for the babies they treat. ”

“ I will continue to give whole-hearted recommendations for Cleveland Park to my reptile keeping friends and acquaintances, whether their animals are conventional pets, or, as in my case, not quite so conventional. ”

“ For over 20 years, Dr. Finley was my vet. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing and caring staff they have. If there was an Animal Hospital Hall of Fame, this place would be enshrined as the top of the class. ”

“ Today, when my pediatrician’s office remained closed due to ice, Dr. Finley made a house call to help end our pet’s suffering. ”

“ They are committed to continuing education and have a well-trained, educated staff that not only knows the “hows” of veterinary medicine, but the “whys” as well. ”

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