Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital of Simpsonville
Is Proud to Offer the Following Services

The staff and veterinarians at Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital believe in offering the best care available for your pet. With an emphasis on preventive and maintenance care, our focus is on keeping your pet healthy throughout the stages of his or her life.

Services available at our Simpsonville location include:

Allergy Care and Treatment
Allergies can be caused by sensitivities to ingredients in food, parasites, or other environmental factors. We can help you eliminate the cause or treat the allergy to help your pet feel better again.
Alternative Medicine
Acupuncture and therapeutic laser therapy are pain control and healing methods that can help keep your pet healthy without drugs or surgery. We are pleased to be able to offer these services to our patients.
Boarding and Grooming
Do you worry about your pet being home alone all day while you are at work? Doggie day care can give your pet an active day with plenty of exercise while you are away. Our groomer can help you keep your pet clean and fresh.
Dental Care
Dental health is important for your pet. We take care of cleaning and other dental treatments while keeping your pet calm and comfortable.
Cutting-edge technology and expert training combine to give your pet the correct diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible.
Emergency and Critical Care
No one plans to have an emergency health crisis or accident. We are here to help if your pet needs emergency care.
End of Life Care
When it is time to say goodbye to a beloved family pet, we are here to make the transition painless for your pet and as comforting as possible for your family.
Exotic Pets
If your pet is a bit unusual, we can help keep him or her healthy too! Birds, reptiles, small animals, and others are all welcome at our practice.
General Surgery
Spaying or neutering your pet is important for their health, and it is crucial for controlling the population of unwanted pets. Our veterinary surgeons are skilled in handling simple procedures and complex cases. We keep the safety and well-being of your pet our top priority.
House Calls
Our veterinarians still make house calls. This service helps our patients that do not travel well to keep healthy. It can help ease the making end of life decisions, giving you the ability to say goodbye in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Internal Medicine
There are many diseases that can cause our pets discomfort or even threaten their life. Our veterinarians are skilled at diagnosing and treating these conditions to help your pet live a long, healthy life.
Preventive Care and Vaccinations
Regular preventive care and vaccinations are the single most important aspect of your pets’ health. Our staff will work with you to make sure your pet is up to date and protected.
Radiology and Ultrasound
Digital X-ray and ultrasound technologies aid our veterinarians in the diagnosis of injury or illness.
Orthopedic Surgery
Accidents and injuries to our pets often involve broken bones or joint injuries. If the repair of these injuries requires surgery, you can count on our veterinary surgeons to repair the damage and get your pet back on his or her feet.

Pet Wellness

Your pets’ needs change as they age. Make sure your pet is receiving the proper care for each stage of his or her life.

Puppy and Kitten Care
The newest member of your family has special needs. Vaccinations, parasite prevention and nutrition all need to be tailored to your growing pet. We can help guide you through this important time in your pets’ life.
Senior Pet Care
There are many aspects of pet care that must be adjusted as your pet ages. In order to keep your senior pet comfortable and happy, attention must be given to nutrition, pain management, dental care, and other age related conditions. Your veterinarian will help you keep your senior pet happy for years to come.

We are committed to offering the best care for your pet, regardless of age, breed, or size. Contact us to schedule your appointment. We are very happy to have you join our family!

American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation American Veterinary Medical Association Cat Friendly Practice American Association of Feline Practitioners The American Heartworm Society CareCredit Best of the Upstate

“ Outstanding in customer service from the time you walk in the front door! ”

“ We want to thank Dr. Clark and the staff of the Simpsonville office so much. ”

“ They have been there for me and my fur babies for well over 10 years and I wouldn’t trust anybody else. I LOVE the staff and all the heartfelt love they have for the babies they treat. ”

“ I will continue to give whole-hearted recommendations for Cleveland Park to my reptile keeping friends and acquaintances, whether their animals are conventional pets, or, as in my case, not quite so conventional. ”

“ For over 20 years, Dr. Finley was my vet. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing and caring staff they have. If there was an Animal Hospital Hall of Fame, this place would be enshrined as the top of the class. ”

“ Today, when my pediatrician’s office remained closed due to ice, Dr. Finley made a house call to help end our pet’s suffering. ”

“ They are committed to continuing education and have a well-trained, educated staff that not only knows the “hows” of veterinary medicine, but the “whys” as well. ”

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