Is Orthopedic Surgery Right for Your Pet?

The most common injuries for dogs, cats, and even horses are orthopedic injuries. These are injuries that involve your pets’ bones and/or joints.

Patella luxation is very small in breed dogs. The kneecap floats in and out of the natural position. This can predispose the pet to cruciate ligament tears if not surgically corrected. The surgery corrects the patellar groove, by deepening the groove and aligning the ligament.

Many active dogs and cats can tear the cruciate ligament in the knee, which causes severe lameness. Unrepaired cruciate ligament can cause early onset of arthritis and long-term lameness. Surgical repair is performed by creating a new ligament and stability in the joint, which corrects the lameness.

Leg fractures are often the result of an accident involving being hit by a car or incident.

Depending upon the severity and location of a fracture, there are several options for treatment. If the fracture is clean and in an area that is easy to immobilize, it may be treated by applying a cast and keeping your pet calm for several weeks. Often this is not a viable option, so surgical repair may the best course of action.

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There are several surgical methods used to repair those breaks which are not likely to respond favorably to casting.

These alternative methods include:

Long stainless steel rods are inserted into the bone across the fractured area. These pins hold the bones in place while they heal.
A flat stainless steel plate along either side of the bone is attached, across the break, using screws to hold the plates in place.
External fixation
This type of fixation uses several pins that pass through the skin and into the bone on both sides of the fracture.

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