Quality Dental Care for Simpsonville Pets

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Good dental care is vital to the health and comfort of your pet. Your veterinarian will inspect your pet’s teeth at each preventive care appointment. If an issue is detected during this exam he or she will schedule a follow-up appointment to take care of the problem.

Dogs and cats will often go to great lengths to keep us from knowing they are in any pain. It is important to be aware of the subtle signs that may let you know that there is something wrong with your pet’s teeth or mouth.

Common signs of tooth or mouth pain include:

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Excessive drooling
  3. Extremely bad breath
  4. Change in behavior (some animals may bite or become disinterested in play or socializing)
  5. Some animals may make small sounds of pain while eating
  6. Poor coat condition and lack of self-grooming

Every pet is different, and the above list only includes the most common and obvious signs of a problem. Any change in the behavior of your pet warrants a call to your veterinarian.

If your pet does need a more extensive exam, cleaning, extraction or other dental procedure, we will use anesthesia to make sure your pet is comfortable throughout the process. Our staff will make sure everything is carried out in a calm, caring manner, keeping your pet from experiencing fear or pain.

Clean, healthy teeth are a necessity for pet well-being. Without a healthy mouth, eating becomes a painful experience. All aspects of your pet’s health may suffer. Call and speak with a member of our staff about your pets’ dental care.

“ Outstanding in customer service from the time you walk in the front door! ”

“ We want to thank Dr. Clark and the staff of the Simpsonville office so much. ”

“ They have been there for me and my fur babies for well over 10 years and I wouldn’t trust anybody else. I LOVE the staff and all the heartfelt love they have for the babies they treat. ”

“ I will continue to give whole-hearted recommendations for Cleveland Park to my reptile keeping friends and acquaintances, whether their animals are conventional pets, or, as in my case, not quite so conventional. ”

“ For over 20 years, Dr. Finley was my vet. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing and caring staff they have. If there was an Animal Hospital Hall of Fame, this place would be enshrined as the top of the class. ”

“ Today, when my pediatrician’s office remained closed due to ice, Dr. Finley made a house call to help end our pet’s suffering. ”

“ They are committed to continuing education and have a well-trained, educated staff that not only knows the “hows” of veterinary medicine, but the “whys” as well. ”

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