Wellness and Preventive Care for Simpsonville Pets and Large Animals

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Regular preventive care is vital to ensuring you and your pet have a long and happy life together. At Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital, we understand that top-notch health care is essential for avoiding illness and injury throughout your pet’s life, and are dedicated to providing only the best care available.

The Importance of Annual Exams

Regular wellness examinations are an essential part of enabling your veterinarian to maintain your pet’s health. It is important to detect and prevent illness and injury before they become too difficult or expensive to treat.

For adult pets, examinations should be scheduled annually. Younger puppies and kittens, pets in their senior years and pets who have ongoing medical issues which need treatment may require more frequent examinations to address their special concerns.

During the Examination

At each yearly visit, your veterinarian will give your pet a thorough and gentle examination to monitor and check up on your pet’s health and well-being. He or she will discuss the necessity for any changes in your pet’s health care routine and any indicators of emerging problems such as behavior issues or sudden weight changes.

Your pet will receive tests and updates to your pet’s parasite prevention and vaccination routine. We will perform diagnostic testing tailored specifically to your pet’s individual needs or to address any concerns. We will also discuss any updates to your pet’s nutritional needs and perform a general dental examination.


Recent advances in vaccinations can protect your pet against far more than rabies. Vaccinations exist now to defend against such issues as FIV, leptosporosis, feline leukemia, and numerous other serious ailments.

We are thrilled and excited to welcome you as a part of the Cleveland Park East family. For more information about our pet health and wellness services, please give us a call.

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“ Outstanding in customer service from the time you walk in the front door! ”

“ We want to thank Dr. Clark and the staff of the Simpsonville office so much. ”

“ They have been there for me and my fur babies for well over 10 years and I wouldn’t trust anybody else. I LOVE the staff and all the heartfelt love they have for the babies they treat. ”

“ I will continue to give whole-hearted recommendations for Cleveland Park to my reptile keeping friends and acquaintances, whether their animals are conventional pets, or, as in my case, not quite so conventional. ”

“ For over 20 years, Dr. Finley was my vet. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing and caring staff they have. If there was an Animal Hospital Hall of Fame, this place would be enshrined as the top of the class. ”

“ Today, when my pediatrician’s office remained closed due to ice, Dr. Finley made a house call to help end our pet’s suffering. ”

“ They are committed to continuing education and have a well-trained, educated staff that not only knows the “hows” of veterinary medicine, but the “whys” as well. ”

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